January 8, 2011


heee i love feeling being at home,because when i was at home i can see everythng.i can see my oldies fight with each other.seeing my brother big belly and last but not east online till morning haha.well i love seeing my oldies quarrel on somethng like a small kids fighting for an ice cream.haha once they fight about a name, about tv shows.and its funny and really makes me love them.and as for me i will be the middle man for them to settle down.haha and yesterday they were fightting because of name.they might have thier grandchldrn name already haha.well i just love them whatever they are,how they would be and how the end their live together as a loving couple.and i do hope in the future i will get a wives and we end up just like them.heee amin-amin.insyaallah.

ps:maybe this post shorter than other post but its satissfied me because i write something about a person hat really sacriifice alot for me. ILY OLDIESSS

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