January 8, 2011


heee i love feeling being at home,because when i was at home i can see everythng.i can see my oldies fight with each other.seeing my brother big belly and last but not east online till morning haha.well i love seeing my oldies quarrel on somethng like a small kids fighting for an ice cream.haha once they fight about a name, about tv shows.and its funny and really makes me love them.and as for me i will be the middle man for them to settle down.haha and yesterday they were fightting because of name.they might have thier grandchldrn name already haha.well i just love them whatever they are,how they would be and how the end their live together as a loving couple.and i do hope in the future i will get a wives and we end up just like them.heee amin-amin.insyaallah.

ps:maybe this post shorter than other post but its satissfied me because i write something about a person hat really sacriifice alot for me. ILY OLDIESSS

January 6, 2011

1st POST 2011

2010 just left us with a big story inside it.there so much things that we i can share with you guys about what happen on that days.but my mood not into it right now.ermmm okey 2010 start with a great things happen around me.just finish my school.and during that time i just do nothing.that was the things that i regret right now.ermmm what evea.there a lot f things that i want to state about what the coolest thing and what not.so after thinking for a while here the things


  • finished school.
  • eat sleep eat sleep online
  • went to sabah with my brothers friends
  • seeing my old old friends
  • further study to matriks
  • got a 2nd place during drama for english weeks
  • flirting the gurls
  • won basketball match :D
  • meet new friends.
  • got good results for math (after struggle for 2 months)
  • celbrate birhtday party for yana
  • jalan-jalan with wawa and boboy.
  • seeing old high school friends.
  • bela my rambut (b4 went to matriks)

  • do nothing during holidays.
  • rebonding my hair.(now i realise its looks werdd dude)
  • lost my lovely lp
  • lost rm250
  • use my saving buy new lp
  • lie to my siblings about my lp
  • change my phone housing about three times (because i threw my phone on the floor when i sleep)
  • kne marah with sir kn during lecture class.
  • been stalk by a desperado
  • gay try to flirt me (true story)
so there are a few story.ermm actually there's alot to be tell here but im forgot what it is??haha so see yaaa

ps:dua post bawah tu sebenarnya post yang ada cerita.but then i dont know why its just keluar tittle je.heee.mgkn mistakesmasa blogging gne hp kut??haha.oke then see yaaa