November 10, 2010


why u wasting tour young life with those stuff??i really wanted to talk like that to the boys that i met just now.he was 8 years old i think and he was SMOKING.yeasss he was SMOKING.when i see him he just let the smoke out of his mouth and making faces to me.and i was like WTH.luckily i was with my mum and luckily he was not my brother or what so ever.

i dont understand,government had spend A LOT i state it again A LOT regarding this things,campaign here campaign there but then its still happen.the trend of smoking among the teenagers.i cant explain this also cant explain this things.whatever it is it was the right of the person itself to become smoker or for me i am really not into those things.yeass my father smoker,but it does not mean that i will follow his step.besides my mum always state that she gives me a hundred percent freedom.but i must obey the 3 laws.
i just obe the three rules and i had the freedom.its easy right.hee

so to all the smoker out there im not said that what u did was wrong but i think u should think it again.why must all of you waste the money with that thing??to all the reader who want to started i think all of you should forget does not give u any benefiits at all.besides it will cause the other problem.and for myself i think i should not involve with this things.dont be like cakap tak serupa bikin ye hammad.heee

ps:really want to meet that boys and said the effect of smoking.why he waste his young life for that thing??haishh hopefully it not happen to my family ya.sooo everyone say no to smoking.MEROKO?MANA ADA GAYA hee :)



new friends vs the oldies.well actually this things shouldnt be write here.because new friends or the old ones they still my friends.but on top of that there are sort off my friends that totally change.i mean not by their physical state.but then their attitude,their dress up,and the way they talked also change.idk why they turn like that.maybe influnce  by the others??

whatever it is they still my friends.i cant ignore them when they change.besides that was their right to become like as a good friends i should accept all the changes and act like we used to be.hee.but if there is a changes that we dont like we can say those thing to least they know.we shouldnt talk that things behind them because that thing was not cool and good at all.

talking about a friends i do miss the time we are together.i really need you fellow friends
.all of you has make me smiling when the sorrow coming.
all of u has make me breathing when the good time leaving.
all of u make my day become easier.
make my time become more precious.
make my writing become better.
make my world become larger.
make my dream becomes reality.
make my hopes becomes higher and make urge to achieve that.thankss to all of u :)

ps:whatever we call u are kawan,friends,buddy,sahabat but u all still the one.the person that i can count on the person taht i can rely on the person that i can trust.ily,imy,i need all of you all the time.thanks coz all of u always reminds me on myself.thanks coz all of u had show me what the meaning of friends thanks coz all of u has becomng my true friends.

November 8, 2010


past vs present.well this few things happen to me when im back from matriks.its just i do really miss the things that has past but i know i should face the reality that always haunt me everytime i wake up from my past dream.whatever it is imy my past but i do love u my present
this is a few things that happen in  past and present

before this i always wake up in the noon but now before 7 am.
before this my mum was the one who do my laundry.but now i do it on my own.
before this my dad was like the tiger in my family but now he was a good friends of me.
before this my mum always hug and kiss me but now my turn to hug and kiss her.
before this when i want to cross the road my mum used to hold my hand and crossed the road with her.but now it was my turn to hold my mum hands and wallking with her to the places that she wants to.
before this i am closed to my siblings.but now we are even more closer to one another with the new members of the family.
before this i just have a friends from my school and the area of my house.but now i had a friends from different places around malaysia.
before this my point of view of life was too narrow and shallow.but now i already open my heart and my mind to it.before this i am noboby.but now i somebody.and in the future i am always be the new hammaddali.

ps:whatever it is past present or future i am still happy and proud of myself.i am proud to be the son of mohd dali and saniah shahidun.i am proud to be the grandchildrens of shahidun and rabaah,lat and chik.i am proud to be ur friends,i am proud to be ur followers,i am proud to be your stalker,i am proud to follow u.i am proud when u read my crapping stuff.on top of this i am proud of myself.that the most important one.thanks everyone coz all of u has shape me to become what i am today heee thanks.


November 6, 2010

whyiamsilent this couple of weeks.

list of the things why i am not update this blog for a weeks.satu.
study weeks.
my ****** was stolen because of the others faults.
dont have time to update blog.
busy studying.
a lot of things happen last weeks.
dont know which story need to write in here??
afraid of us.
thinking too much.
talking too much.
sleep too much.
eat too much.

whatever it is i'll make sure a i spend this two weels updating my blog.heee. :D