October 31, 2010

thkkkss to both of u :)

IM SORRY GUYS.I just need a little privacy here.im sorry.please dont condamned me on what i write.yeas i know that there's a lot of crap on my blog.im so sorry if there is a post that has make u hurt im sorry.okey i will follow ur advise oke. :)

thnzzz to this two commentor.u has change
my point of view in writing my blog

ps:sorry guys i'll try to become better.
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Iliani said...

Hello cousin, weh relax dah lah jangan takut sangat dengan cik anon tu.

hammaddali said...

aku bukian ape weh.aku tanak orang x benci2 aku nie hahah

Anonymous said...

lepak ah..gurauan xbpe nk lmbut nme nye tuu..no hard feeling.no heart feeling ;)

hammaddali said...

tadela aku kan cepat gelabah mana lei tgk org ckp mcm tuh kat aku heee

Anonymous said...

haha..trust me..mereka bergurau

hammaddali said...

hahha oke mereka bergurau haha.thanks for the info.i really appreaciate it.hee