October 13, 2010


idk how to start the word.but then i feel like somebody has pull my heart awayyyyy.idk why i feel like that.maybe coz u has gone away from me.yeas i know that u with somebody right now.and i am nobody compared to him.and i know he much more handsome comparing to me.hrmmmm

i know that this few weeks was the tough week for me.with us pre us and all that things.but i still thinks about u.im soooo sory coz i running away and  not say goodbye to u.that the things that i regret now.i cant i cant.i cant let u go.eventhough u were not mine but then i feel like im yours.

i am very sure that u wont know this blog.thats why i likee to write here that imy and ily.

ps:not all the things will be a happy ending story right so face it.thanks to roomate farah dearest friends who keep on support me eventhough u guys sumtinmes annoying me haha.thanks coz help me to forget her eventhough its just for a while.and U good luck at the placed ya.if u got time text me.

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