October 20, 2010


what should i do to win her heart??
she totally outta my league
she wear skinny
while i just wearing a track bottom.
she look damn pretty in her dress.
while i still looking something to match with my shirt.
she walk like a supermodel but i walk like a geeks from mars.
she play a volleyball but i??i really dont know how to kick a ball.
she has a lot of fan but i??i dont even have a friends.
she always be an attention in the class.
but i i never got a chance to ask a questions in the class.
but actually.
i do like her.
not because she's hot.
or prettier than other gurl?
it is because she just different.
she not like what the others thinks??
people may said that she kind off "kerek" gurl.
but for me she was too humble.
but when should i express this things to her??
i want to but i cant.
i cant face her right now.
i cant because i dont have the guts.
i cant because when i faced u i will started to run away from u.
perhaps u will know how do i feel towards u.
perhaps in the future i will said ILY to u.
perhaps in the future u will said ILYT to me.heee :D

im dead if she's know that i put this pic in my blog.sorry btw

                                                   shes just dont stop make me belive in what i do.thankss dear.i owe u alot heee

ps:life to short.so dont stop dreaming.just do what ever u thinks was right.dont stop beliveing my pals.hee


Anonymous said...

hello there,,tolonglah jangan bajet kau playboy sangat.

that girl in picture + you
= jauh panggang dari api
= bagai pipit dengan enggang
= bagai langit dengan bumi

she'll never accept you.


Anonymous said...

weh fucker asal ko letak gmbar qeyla kat sini? ko remove skg.