October 15, 2010


oke last nite i just talk to her about my feelings towards her.and yeass i think she know already that i once love and like her.after i told her everything i feelll sooo calm and cool.haha maybe all the things that had stuck at my heart has been thrown out.and im not regret to do those thing.btw u already knows my blog.so if u freee please do come visit me ya.

btw i had one small problem.F act kind off weird these couple days.im not mean that she is weird but idk how to decribe what happen to her act.hrmm maybe i just not text to her or she want to forget the feelings kut??and yeass i am agreed on what u write on ur blog.i know how u feel.its hard to forget the person we like right??its takes time to forget me.same like what i trying to do now.i try to forgot the feeling towards her.her here not F oke.its maybe take time but i am hepi as long as she hepi.sorry F coz i used ur words heee.see im not forgetting u F.haha.

i am not sure what does my practicum mates says that i has a lot of  "peminat" .act i dont want all this things.well u know i do appreciate a friends but a fans??i thinks its kind off things that will make me headache.idk what the others thinks but for me its better to has a friends more than a fan.well lately ni my practicum mates always 'sampaikan salam dari somebody yang i tak kenal" but she gives a clue that gurl wearing purple colour dress during lecure yesterday.well i idk who she is??hrmmm just go with the flow la.heee.oke i thinks i had gone so far.hahha "dah lari format blog aku nie.makin byk post jiwang la plak rasanya haha"oke before i do muchhh crapping stuff better i get going first.oke until then see ya.

ps:u guys maybe dont understand this post because its mix up with F story and she's story but if u read carefully u will know it hee.okeh and for the the person who alwaiz "kirim salam"i just want to say "waalaikumussalam".heee and to u F i dont mind talking to u through blog.heee IMY MUM IMY DAD IMY ALONG IMY KAK NYAH IMY ADEK IMY SCHOOL FRIENDS IMY PELANGI CAMPUR SATU IMY JUNIOR SEKOLAH IMY KAWAN SEKOLAH LAEN imy F imy E IMY ALLL THE PERSONS WHO KNOWS ME HEE


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