October 17, 2010


MUM ANAKDA STARTED TO MISS U MOM.abg yg had done a lot of bad thing to u EMAK.abg yg just wanna seek an apologise to u IBU.abg yg dont know how to say "MUMMY maafkan abg yg erk??abg yg cant said that word.MAMA eventhough u was far far away from me.eventhough UMMI at perak and i was at negeri sembilan but then "abg yang punya sayang" to u EMAK cant be compared with anybody.coz u the one who carry me 9 month with ur love.u are the one  who has thought me the first word of my life which is "EMAK EMAK" u the one who has encouraged me to walk.u the one who prepares the meal for me.U the one who has colour my day.bring my soorrow far away from my life.u the one who give me my first love.u the one who smiling when i was mad at u.u are the one MUM.u are the one MAK u are the one IBU u are the one UMMI u are the one MUMMY  u are the one MAMA.ily ily ily theres nothing can compared ur love to me and my loves to u

                                                         i was the one who sit next to my mum.last pic before i went to
                                                                              matric.having a simple dinner at the 
                                                         limau  nipis.and i do miss the time having a dinner with u mum.

ps:when u read this entry please text ur mum or called ur mum immediately.or if ur mum was with u right now please go and hug her and tell her ily mum because she has done a lot too much to be stated here.and to those readers who their mum has gone away from ur life lets recite alfatihah to them.and to EMAK"abg yg nak mintak maaf dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki" eventhough u did not read my blog but u know what ur sons actually feel right now.


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