October 17, 2010


idk why the problem comes after one and another.im not questioning what has allah give to me.maybe allah want too see how far my faith actually.hrmmm thanks to all my friends..finally i know that u were like my family.the way all of u calm me down and try to cheer me up has make me feel so glad to have all of u as my friends.we're like family right??to ijat i hope u dont let the things that happen will disturb ur concentration in us okeh.just chill.let me use my money first and then make sure u ganti ukeh??

well actually my friends often said that i was a gurl lovers or in bahasanya "pencinta wanita" haha. credits to namira who had started to say me that in her blog i think??welll im not that kind of person or maybe i just ermmmm yeahhh i admit that i kind of person who easy to get fall in love with but when i started to love somebody i will love them with all of my heart.hahah.

woahhhh jiwang??practically not.but theoritically yeass.haha.am i had a gf??the answer is no.who want person like me??hahah said like there's no one want me.i "jual mahal"??no i think i already discount myself haha.so whoever want me.please do get ur  form at B.1.2.4. and please ask my asisstant there.haha.and fyi while i writing this entry my heart now terpikat to another gurl.hahah "bengong punya yus kaw dah buat aku cakap aku ske kat dia hahah".well like what my great great great granpa has told me (looks like i was live when they still alive) befriend with anybody,fall in love with anyone but make sure your true love just one sons.hahah until then see ya :)

ps:all of u next week my study week so i may be blogging when i got a time.but dont worry i still will updating my stuff here okey.so if u got time "datanglah melawat" haha.


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