October 12, 2010


i gonna miss u A LOTTTTTT ENUN JUHARI.
thks coz being a good friend of mines.eventhough we're not that close but then i feel very hepi to know u.like what i said before i like u since the first time we met.hahhha like like at the first gituh.hahha btw maybe the chances to meet u like dh tada dah kut??or chances to have u as my STEADY was gone already coz u was with somebody rite now.but then i feel hepi to know u dear.and now i in prosees to delete away my feelings towards u.heee sorry coz i speechless before hahah idk why i was like that at the cafe just now.haha whatevr it is u still one of my friends hahah until the see ya


ps:act i like u so much.then i want u to become mine i started to like u.hahha.but then i know i cant

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