October 20, 2010


what should i do to win her heart??
she totally outta my league
she wear skinny
while i just wearing a track bottom.
she look damn pretty in her dress.
while i still looking something to match with my shirt.
she walk like a supermodel but i walk like a geeks from mars.
she play a volleyball but i??i really dont know how to kick a ball.
she has a lot of fan but i??i dont even have a friends.
she always be an attention in the class.
but i i never got a chance to ask a questions in the class.
but actually.
i do like her.
not because she's hot.
or prettier than other gurl?
it is because she just different.
she not like what the others thinks??
people may said that she kind off "kerek" gurl.
but for me she was too humble.
but when should i express this things to her??
i want to but i cant.
i cant face her right now.
i cant because i dont have the guts.
i cant because when i faced u i will started to run away from u.
perhaps u will know how do i feel towards u.
perhaps in the future i will said ILY to u.
perhaps in the future u will said ILYT to me.heee :D

im dead if she's know that i put this pic in my blog.sorry btw

                                                   shes just dont stop make me belive in what i do.thankss dear.i owe u alot heee

ps:life to short.so dont stop dreaming.just do what ever u thinks was right.dont stop beliveing my pals.hee

October 19, 2010


tekan keyboard.then tekan kekunci.then dah setengah ayat tulis tekan backspace.idea datang time aku kat kelas.aku kat toilet.macam mana la aku nak ingat apa benda yang aku nak tulis??heee oke minggu depan us tapi bebudak block b1 nie sume macam tadak apa nak buat je.aku masuk bilik ni tengok movie masuk bilik ni maen pes masuk bilik nie duk lepak.haishhh apa nak jadi kat bebudak ni entah la.aku tawla mereka mereka nie agak pandai.hahaha

oke kawan ada prob.dia rindu mak dia.aku??rindu mak tak??ermmmm ada masalah la.aku rindu mak aku.tapi kalo aku cakap mati aku.haha.confirm family aku dah tak caya kat aku.
oke deadline untuk cabaran aku dengan yus and ab sudeh hampir tamat.next week kalo aku tade awek gak aku kenala buat apa yang dorang suruh.OLEH ITU SESAPA YANG BERMINAT CAKAP CEPAT.ANGKAT KAKI.TAYANG BULU KAKI ANDA.TAPI YANG ADA BULU KAKI AKU REJEK HAHAHA.tedela joke joke.tapi yang pasal cabaran tuh seriusly aku tadak calon lg doe.haisshhh yus dah ada FH.ab dah ada ZEFF.AKU plak??haishhh tape tape banyak lg masa.alaaa dalam seminggu macam-macam lei jadi kan heee.sooo no need to worry kan hammad kan.tapi aku rasa aku akan kalah sebab aku mana la nak ada calon yang sesuai untuk aku.yang aku nak semua dah ada.kalo yang ada tu pun kan macam mustahil je haha.oke until then see yaa

ps:budak diatas sangat comel haha gambar diambil semasa dia f4.hahah aku ske dia.tapi dia hanyalah kawan aku heee.kalo ada jodoh jadilah kami ye.hahah opsss yus suda marah hahah soriii dude aku curi gambar mummy kaw hahah.btw thnkss u sebab dah topupkan i..hahha banyak kut u topup.tape t i bg ye.ehhh u u btw tdkn adek u text i hahahha.mintak no adek i lg haha.giler advance budak-budak sekolah rendah zaman sekarang kn.heee terasa aku nie macam dah jauh ketinggalan hee.


October 18, 2010


ada kawan sayang tu tak semestinya cinta.tapi cinta tu sayang. betul ke???hahaha

PS:saja letak entry pendek malas nak tulis panjang-panjang pulok hahhahaa


October 17, 2010


MUM ANAKDA STARTED TO MISS U MOM.abg yg had done a lot of bad thing to u EMAK.abg yg just wanna seek an apologise to u IBU.abg yg dont know how to say "MUMMY maafkan abg yg erk??abg yg cant said that word.MAMA eventhough u was far far away from me.eventhough UMMI at perak and i was at negeri sembilan but then "abg yang punya sayang" to u EMAK cant be compared with anybody.coz u the one who carry me 9 month with ur love.u are the one  who has thought me the first word of my life which is "EMAK EMAK" u the one who has encouraged me to walk.u the one who prepares the meal for me.U the one who has colour my day.bring my soorrow far away from my life.u the one who give me my first love.u the one who smiling when i was mad at u.u are the one MUM.u are the one MAK u are the one IBU u are the one UMMI u are the one MUMMY  u are the one MAMA.ily ily ily theres nothing can compared ur love to me and my loves to u

                                                         i was the one who sit next to my mum.last pic before i went to
                                                                              matric.having a simple dinner at the 
                                                         limau  nipis.and i do miss the time having a dinner with u mum.

ps:when u read this entry please text ur mum or called ur mum immediately.or if ur mum was with u right now please go and hug her and tell her ily mum because she has done a lot too much to be stated here.and to those readers who their mum has gone away from ur life lets recite alfatihah to them.and to EMAK"abg yg nak mintak maaf dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki" eventhough u did not read my blog but u know what ur sons actually feel right now.



idk why the problem comes after one and another.im not questioning what has allah give to me.maybe allah want too see how far my faith actually.hrmmm thanks to all my friends..finally i know that u were like my family.the way all of u calm me down and try to cheer me up has make me feel so glad to have all of u as my friends.we're like family right??to ijat i hope u dont let the things that happen will disturb ur concentration in us okeh.just chill.let me use my money first and then make sure u ganti ukeh??

well actually my friends often said that i was a gurl lovers or in bahasanya "pencinta wanita" haha. credits to namira who had started to say me that in her blog i think??welll im not that kind of person or maybe i just ermmmm yeahhh i admit that i kind of person who easy to get fall in love with but when i started to love somebody i will love them with all of my heart.hahah.

woahhhh jiwang??practically not.but theoritically yeass.haha.am i had a gf??the answer is no.who want person like me??hahah said like there's no one want me.i "jual mahal"??no i think i already discount myself haha.so whoever want me.please do get ur  form at B.1.2.4. and please ask my asisstant there.haha.and fyi while i writing this entry my heart now terpikat to another gurl.hahah "bengong punya yus kaw dah buat aku cakap aku ske kat dia hahah".well like what my great great great granpa has told me (looks like i was live when they still alive) befriend with anybody,fall in love with anyone but make sure your true love just one sons.hahah until then see ya :)

ps:all of u next week my study week so i may be blogging when i got a time.but dont worry i still will updating my stuff here okey.so if u got time "datanglah melawat" haha.


October 15, 2010


oke last nite i just talk to her about my feelings towards her.and yeass i think she know already that i once love and like her.after i told her everything i feelll sooo calm and cool.haha maybe all the things that had stuck at my heart has been thrown out.and im not regret to do those thing.btw u already knows my blog.so if u freee please do come visit me ya.

btw i had one small problem.F act kind off weird these couple days.im not mean that she is weird but idk how to decribe what happen to her act.hrmm maybe i just not text to her or she want to forget the feelings kut??and yeass i am agreed on what u write on ur blog.i know how u feel.its hard to forget the person we like right??its takes time to forget me.same like what i trying to do now.i try to forgot the feeling towards her.her here not F oke.its maybe take time but i am hepi as long as she hepi.sorry F coz i used ur words heee.see im not forgetting u F.haha.

i am not sure what does my practicum mates says that i has a lot of  "peminat" .act i dont want all this things.well u know i do appreciate a friends but a fans??i thinks its kind off things that will make me headache.idk what the others thinks but for me its better to has a friends more than a fan.well lately ni my practicum mates always 'sampaikan salam dari somebody yang i tak kenal" but she gives a clue that gurl wearing purple colour dress during lecure yesterday.well i idk who she is??hrmmm just go with the flow la.heee.oke i thinks i had gone so far.hahha "dah lari format blog aku nie.makin byk post jiwang la plak rasanya haha"oke before i do muchhh crapping stuff better i get going first.oke until then see ya.

ps:u guys maybe dont understand this post because its mix up with F story and she's story but if u read carefully u will know it hee.okeh and for the the person who alwaiz "kirim salam"i just want to say "waalaikumussalam".heee and to u F i dont mind talking to u through blog.heee IMY MUM IMY DAD IMY ALONG IMY KAK NYAH IMY ADEK IMY SCHOOL FRIENDS IMY PELANGI CAMPUR SATU IMY JUNIOR SEKOLAH IMY KAWAN SEKOLAH LAEN imy F imy E IMY ALLL THE PERSONS WHO KNOWS ME HEE


October 13, 2010


idk how to start the word.but then i feel like somebody has pull my heart awayyyyy.idk why i feel like that.maybe coz u has gone away from me.yeas i know that u with somebody right now.and i am nobody compared to him.and i know he much more handsome comparing to me.hrmmmm

i know that this few weeks was the tough week for me.with us pre us and all that things.but i still thinks about u.im soooo sory coz i running away and  not say goodbye to u.that the things that i regret now.i cant i cant.i cant let u go.eventhough u were not mine but then i feel like im yours.

i am very sure that u wont know this blog.thats why i likee to write here that imy and ily.

ps:not all the things will be a happy ending story right so face it.thanks to roomate farah dearest friends who keep on support me eventhough u guys sumtinmes annoying me haha.thanks coz help me to forget her eventhough its just for a while.and U good luck at the placed ya.if u got time text me.

October 12, 2010


i gonna miss u A LOTTTTTT ENUN JUHARI.
thks coz being a good friend of mines.eventhough we're not that close but then i feel very hepi to know u.like what i said before i like u since the first time we met.hahhha like like at the first gituh.hahha btw maybe the chances to meet u like dh tada dah kut??or chances to have u as my STEADY was gone already coz u was with somebody rite now.but then i feel hepi to know u dear.and now i in prosees to delete away my feelings towards u.heee sorry coz i speechless before hahah idk why i was like that at the cafe just now.haha whatevr it is u still one of my friends hahah until the see ya


ps:act i like u so much.then i want u to become mine i started to like u.hahha.but then i know i cant

October 9, 2010


kna sabar lg 5 bulan kut??then i can own u baby hahha wait for me ye.x pun someone please help me bank in kan some more 1000 for my dslr hahaha