July 11, 2010


kita menjana nilai dan skor.well if u guys from this matriks u guys must know which matriks was it?haha after a month i was there,i already came up with the summary of y life there.hahaha so here we go.

  • 1st week was the orientation week.the week that everybody wasnt like at all.need to get up very2 early in the morning.listening to the ceramah and taklimat which is totally boring.but when it was evening everything seem to change.all of us will beriadah and we were ejoying that moment eventhough i was the only one enjoy it so much.haha.then i had my own praktikum group.where at the beginning there is just two boys.then after 2 weeks all of us got a new boys meber.haha
  • 2nd week.1st tie attend the kuliah.i was so excited.got time seeing girls from others praktikum hahaha.just seeing not flirting ok??hahha then ends of the 2nd weeks of this month.but owhhh yaaa my friends ask me to go out with him.so all of us which is six person of us went to seremban.haha my 1st time went there with friends.hhaha so after 4 hours there we went back.
  • 3rd week woow all of us now need to do alot2 of work.jotter tutor ake our life as busy as the prime minister.haha.on the saturday was held larian kakom.but it was not larian its just walking i think??hahah.then after that i went to bahau.hhahanalot to say  about there but i dont want to say it here.hahaha.
  • 4th weeks of this month.got photo sessions.so everybody kind off excited with this thing.haha me too its been a while i didnt posing in front of camera.hahaha.nothng much happen on this weeks.hahaha
  • 5 th week at the matriks.and at the end of this month i will went back to boboy house hahahah.

so it was everything,maybe its more i think haha.but i feel very hapy that i still got a chance to further my study after what i've been through last year huhuh.hahah feels so tired.

dada guys


p/s:act want to add some picture but then later lah.haha

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