July 11, 2010


finally after a month i was at the matriks now i will back to my ermm not my house but then boboy's haouse.haha.actually i didnt think that i will stay up at his house.but then went wawa said that she will back to wangsa maju i started to thinking that maybe i should follow her.then i straight away called boboy.haha.so on the day that i was waiting for all of us went back.at fist wawa said that she wanted went back by bus.but i quite not like with the idea.hahah actually i wanted to try went back by train.so after the bio test i straight away went to pilah.

unfortunately,there's alot of student want to went back also.the bus was so crowded untilme and wawa decided to take a next bus.but we were not so lucky also the bus also fully packed with student that idk from where they came because i didnt see them waiting for the bus.after like half hour we waited the bus then the bus was coming.the things in the bus make me feel like a sardin.can u imagine the almost full busses try to pick up some more passenger during the journey.

then at the ktm every was just fine.besides i do talk a lot of things with wawa and we were planned to went out with her.hahhaha/oke feels sleepy gtg dadad

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