June 15, 2010


time were not waiting for us.today we were met.but tomorrow??no one knew it?hrmm its happen to my long-long relative.my mum just met her but then 2 weeks later all of us get shocked by news that said she had die due to idk?my mum was so shocked until its make her thinks about it again and again.she thinks that "maut" will come anytime.ya she's right again.

bcoz my ustazah had said that ur life were like the coconut fruit.u dnt know when it will fall and which cocunut head will fall??does the new one or the older one??what u need to do is just prepared urself with the next world.hrmm what ever happen we the one who still lives need to continue our life and appreaciate every single breath that we were take.

trying to do our best to achieve our goals in life.heee.

so nothing to said anymore.adiosssa

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