June 9, 2010


i trying to become spiderman.but there is no spider that has been mutated.i trying to become superman.but i am not an alien from planet kriptonie(am i spell it correct?).i trying to be batman.but i dint have any gadjets likes him.then i feel like want to become iron man.but im not the bilionaire like tony stark.im trying to become captain america.but im not an american.
then i start to  think.why i want to be someone else when there is someone that want to become me?haha dont laugh.seriusly,did u all realise that somebody trying to copycat u??they do whatever u do.in fact people will said that u and him like a brother.eventhough u and that person not even try to talk.haha
well its much better see people follow us then we follow the people.because become the 1st will make the people remember us all the time.but then its will be an excuses when u takes somebody as ur icon or role models.but.u dont be like him.just take him as ur example or inspiration so that u will become better and better in the future.
so long

p:s to all of my friend,wishme luck in my matriks yaa.hee

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