June 14, 2010


last week i got a chance to talk to mum about gurls,she said that i had go out with too many gurls which means it wasn't good for me because she said that i might give hope to the gurls.actually i never thought about this before because i treat all the gurls that has go out with me equally and i think were just the same.not more not less.but my mum still think that i was not so good to be like that?well for me i seriusly had no feeling to the gurls.but the gurls idk.

maybe the IDK things has make mum thinks that i shouldnt go out with them too often.ya maybe they has a feelings towards me.but i just not care about it and i might break her heart.mum said that gurls heart were so soft.is that true??haha.ya maybe true coz it were come out from my mum mouth.

so to make sure that i didnt give any hope to them i straight away text to them and asked them wether i did give a hope to them.and the asnwer is majority dont know whether i do give gope to them or not?they said thisthing were too compli cated to be said or think about?idk what does its means but i had come with a conclusion that i should not giving a hope to any gurls that i dont have interest and feeling.hee :p
so long

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