June 18, 2010


i learn to adapt the new thing of mylife.hope i can make it through,i need a lot of help from u guys.pleaseee

June 16, 2010


warghhhhh i gonna miss the world cup coz im going to the matriks negeri sembilan.whatever it is my ambition and dream must come first.the world cup fever will follow afterwards.haha.and i really hope that england will win the world cup for the 2nd time after the 1966 worldcup.why i choose england??maybe i just too obses with england thing or maybe my mind set still been colonised by brtain eventhough my country already "merdeka".hahah.i doo really hope malaysia will qualified to the world cup but then when will it happen??haha

i wish that i could put more picture.but then it will be to crowded.hahah.

so wish me  luck at the matriks ya

so long

June 15, 2010


time were not waiting for us.today we were met.but tomorrow??no one knew it?hrmm its happen to my long-long relative.my mum just met her but then 2 weeks later all of us get shocked by news that said she had die due to idk?my mum was so shocked until its make her thinks about it again and again.she thinks that "maut" will come anytime.ya she's right again.

bcoz my ustazah had said that ur life were like the coconut fruit.u dnt know when it will fall and which cocunut head will fall??does the new one or the older one??what u need to do is just prepared urself with the next world.hrmm what ever happen we the one who still lives need to continue our life and appreaciate every single breath that we were take.

trying to do our best to achieve our goals in life.heee.

so nothing to said anymore.adiosssa

June 14, 2010


last week i got a chance to talk to mum about gurls,she said that i had go out with too many gurls which means it wasn't good for me because she said that i might give hope to the gurls.actually i never thought about this before because i treat all the gurls that has go out with me equally and i think were just the same.not more not less.but my mum still think that i was not so good to be like that?well for me i seriusly had no feeling to the gurls.but the gurls idk.

maybe the IDK things has make mum thinks that i shouldnt go out with them too often.ya maybe they has a feelings towards me.but i just not care about it and i might break her heart.mum said that gurls heart were so soft.is that true??haha.ya maybe true coz it were come out from my mum mouth.

so to make sure that i didnt give any hope to them i straight away text to them and asked them wether i did give a hope to them.and the asnwer is majority dont know whether i do give gope to them or not?they said thisthing were too compli cated to be said or think about?idk what does its means but i had come with a conclusion that i should not giving a hope to any gurls that i dont have interest and feeling.hee :p
so long

June 9, 2010


i trying to become spiderman.but there is no spider that has been mutated.i trying to become superman.but i am not an alien from planet kriptonie(am i spell it correct?).i trying to be batman.but i dint have any gadjets likes him.then i feel like want to become iron man.but im not the bilionaire like tony stark.im trying to become captain america.but im not an american.
then i start to  think.why i want to be someone else when there is someone that want to become me?haha dont laugh.seriusly,did u all realise that somebody trying to copycat u??they do whatever u do.in fact people will said that u and him like a brother.eventhough u and that person not even try to talk.haha
well its much better see people follow us then we follow the people.because become the 1st will make the people remember us all the time.but then its will be an excuses when u takes somebody as ur icon or role models.but.u dont be like him.just take him as ur example or inspiration so that u will become better and better in the future.
so long

p:s to all of my friend,wishme luck in my matriks yaa.hee

June 3, 2010


one more day.then gudbye school.btw all my friends who stay at the school all the best u guys.tp skrg baru aku perasan aku tadak kawan dah kat sekolah tu.eh bukan tadak kawan tapi kwn-kwn aku dah kurang.kalo ada pun kelas lain-lain jumpa pun kadang-kadang aja.kalau diorang tak datang.rehat aku sorang-sorang.hahha [adan muka aku hahah.sekarang baru aku perasan yang kawan-kawan aku lah yang terbaik.haha.tape tape,aku kena berdikari dari sekarang haha.

btw aku skang ske follow seorang awek ni punya blog haha.gambr-gambar dia lawa.haha.aku pun teringin gak nak amek gambar-gambar yang lawa macam dia tu.heee.
ahh to my girlfriend not the special one.i really apreaciate on what u did last nite.i act tanak pun menda tuh.sebab i tanak jadi macam dia. uke?

uke no more to say dada.


to this pic owner,sorry i used ur pic hee.i really admire ur work act.;p


all this time we were not  realise all the thing we had was a good enough already for us.but we still wants more.never bersyukur what we had.then when all the thing that we had were gone slowly and slowly one by one,by that time we we realise.but then we were late.we cant turn back the time.we cant.