October 20, 2009


dear farah,

u alwaiz be the best in my life,

i wont forget u forever and ever,

sorry coz i always make u feels like suck,
sorry coz i never be the best for u,
sorry coz i never make u happy,
sorry coz i broke ur heart,

sorry coz i like her more then u,
sorry coz i always couse u alot of trouble,
sorry coz i always and always never be the best for u,

im writing here not just to say sorry,

but i also want to thnz to u for,
all the thing u has done to me,
all the word that come out from ur mouth that make me wake up once again,
all the thing that u has shared to me,
all the mesage that u has text me,
all the thing that we has do together,
all the tips that u give to tackle her,
all the things that make me feel better thnzz alot.

although we has been seperated by time,
or seperated by a giant rock,
maybe i will be far from u,
or maybe u will forgetting me,
i want u to know that i alwaiz be with u,
no matter what will happen,
u alwaiz been my best buddy.
thzzz and sorry for everythng,
i will remmeber u till the ends of life.

ps:this post di post hanya untuk menjernihkan keaadaan ye.
sumtimes apa yg kita nk mmg x dpt kn??
so bersedialah ubtuk menghadapi apa apa kemungkinan.
hidup mesti diteruskan.
kita mesti trus bejalan.
jauh dekat bkn persoaalan.
kerna kita sendiri taw apa yg terberk dn terbek untuk kita

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